tl;dr: I’ve started writing here to share thoughts, practice writing and learn from doing it. Some of my interests include engineering management, software engineering and product development. I had the opportunity to work in startups and public companies and currently work at Facebook on the WhatsApp team as an Engineering Manager in London.

Hey there,

I’ve recently decided to start writing to express my opinions and share content or reflections I’ve found interesting mainly in engineering management, software engineering and product development. I started with the intention of practicing and improving my ability to articulate myself and found out that writing also helps in my learning process.

Belo Horizonte, my hometown
Belo Horizonte, my hometown

I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and spent the vast majority of my life there. I discovered my first passion very early in life, through my father’s family: music. Being the great-grandson, grandson, and son of musicians, life gifted me with some healthy pressure and curiosity to learn music. With all honesty though, I turned out into the worst type of hobbyist musician you can think of: I won’t play a song until the end, and when I do, I will do it on repeat. Yeah, I know…

The second passion I found was technology, specifically software engineering and product development. What probably got me into it is the ability to craft a solution to someone’s need. The path to a solution generally is a very subjective process which demands evolving the solution as the need evolves. Whether it is for billions of users or myself, after over a decade doing it, I am delighted by the process and outcome.

What likely made me stick in technology though, is that I found even more fulfilment on serving and supporting other engineers and leaders on their craft, trajectory and growth. Empowering people to achieve what they want and need both on a personal and professional level is a highly transformative process for me too, as a coadjuvant of their stories.

Some of my previous professional experiences include working as an engineering leader at Spotify, PayCertify, and Toptal. Through these experiences I had the opportunity to lead teams of one to 50+ people, all onsite or fully distributed in 4 continents, managing only myself to other managers. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to share paths with people who I admire, trust, and learn from daily.

I currently live in London and work as an Engineering Manager at Facebook on the WhatsApp Business Integrity team.