I’m a software engineering leader and hobbyist musician. Some of my previous professional experiences include working as an engineering leader at Spotify, Facebook, Toptal and a few startups. You can read more about my career on my LinkedIn.

My trajectory

Belo Horizonte, my hometown
Belo Horizonte, my hometown

I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and spent the vast majority of my life there. I discovered my first passion very early in life, through my father’s family: music. Being the great-grandson, grandson, and son of musicians, life gifted me with some healthy pressure and curiosity to learn music. With all honesty though, I turned out into the worst type of hobbyist musician you can think of: I won’t play a song until the end, and when I do, I will do it on repeat. Yeah, I know…

The second passion I found was technology, specifically software engineering and product development. What probably got me into it is the ability to craft a solution to someone’s need. The path to a solution generally is a very subjective process which demands evolving the solution as the need evolves. Whether it is for billions of users or myself, after over a decade doing it, I am delighted by the process and outcome. What likely made me stick in technology though, is that I found even more fulfilment on serving and supporting other people on their craft, trajectory and growth. Empowering people to achieve what they want and need both on a personal and professional level is a highly transformative process for me too, as a coadjuvant of their stories.


Living in London, and working at Facebook, as a Software Engineering Manager. My teams protect commerce, ads and organic discovery from abuse in WhatsApp.

On the personal front, I’m currently focused on the following, in order of priority:

  1. Exercising consistently. I’ve neglected exercising for the past 18 months. My wife has done really well lately on exercising, so I’ve drawn inspiration from her and am trying to exercise 4+ times a week.
  2. Composing/producing music for fun. I’ve sold most of my bass gear – amp, cabinet, upright bass, a few electric basses – and am investing into an audio interface, a few VSTs/plugins and studio monitors to play around with recording.
  3. Reading about customer service. I’ve been curious about the space for a while and started thinking that a lot of the platform abuse problems are in fact also customer experience/service problems. Currently reading The Best Service is No Service.

Last update: September 15th 2021