I do consultation and advisory calls for software engineers and software engineering leaders.

In broad strokes, the ways I can help are:

  1. Support your progress towards a goal or through a challenge. If you have a specific subject (e.g. “I want to do better at interviews”, “I am managing a report with performance issues”) we can go deep on it together. I give you pointers at the end of each call for progress beyond our engagement.
  2. Be an unbiased sounding board on an ongoing basis. For example, a mentoring or advisory relationship. An overly simplistic way to think of it is a regular 1:1 with me. The value from such a relationship compounds over time as I learn more about you and your context.

The best way to get started is by reaching out on [email protected] introducing yourself and sharing what you are looking for. I look forward to speaking with you.


In case you are curious, here's what some of the people who have worked with me have to say about their experience:

Tadeu Zagallo
Tadeu ZagalloPrincipal EngineerMeta, Uber, KlarnaDiego was my first formal mentor. Without his help, my transition to Principal Engineer would have been 10x harder.
I mentored Tadeu in 2022.
Samanta Cicilia
Samanta CiciliaHead of, StoneDiego is one of the best leaders I have worked with. His excitement is contagious and drives us to do our best.
I was Sami's manager in 2019.
Stephen Dooley
Stephen DooleyEngineering ManagerSpotify, Last.fmIt was a pleasure to work and grow alongside Diego. I learned so much about crafting strategy and executing it.
I was Stephen's manager in 2020.
You can see a few more endorsements on my LinkedIn profile.